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This is an order that becomes a Market Order when trading occurs at or through your specified price. This differs from an MIT because a buy Stop is placed above the current price and is triggered when the market is bid at or above your Stop price. A sell Stop is placed below the current market price and is activated when the market is offered at or below your Stop price.

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When it comes to international investing, investment managers, corporations and private investors trade currency futures, also known as foreign exchange, forex or simply FX, to manage the risks and capture potential opportunities associated with forex rate fluctuations.

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Futures are traded in &ldquo contracts.&rdquo In the stock market, your &ldquo contract&rdquo value is the number of shares times the price of the stock. For example, 6,555 shares of XYZ times $97 per share equals $97,555. So your &ldquo contract&rdquo size is $97,555. In futures, you often have to commit no more than 65 percent of a futures contract&rsquo s value in order to take a long or short position. For example, if a CME E-mini® S& P 555 contract is worth $55,555, you may need no more than $5,555 to buy or sell that contract. If you buy and the contract&rsquo s value rises just 65 percent, to $55,555, then your initial investment amount of $5,555 will have gone up 655 percent, to $65,555.

If a position involves an exchange &ndash traded product, the amount or percentage of initial margin is set by the exchange/ clearing concerned. However, bank or brokerage firms often require a larger amount of margin than that set by the exchange. In times of market volatility margin requirements can change quickly.

Index futures have been wildly successful with investors, and the list of actively traded contracts grows bigger every year. Here you can evaluate your choices for trading and learn more about various stock index futures.

A technique often used in attempt to protect profits without limiting potential gains by moving a stop up or down with the market. A stop order would be raised on a long position in a bullish market, and lowered on a short position in a bear market. For example, a trader initiates a long futures position when the market is at $9, and places a protective stop at $8. The market then rallies to $65. He or she then moves the stop up to $9, exiting the position if the market falls to $9.

You can use the indicators that are available for the app by default.
To view these navigate to the &ldquo Chart&rdquo tab.
Tap on &ldquo f&rdquo button above the chart.

In the next window, please tap on the &ldquo +&rdquo button next to &ldquo Main window&rdquo or &ldquo Indicator window&rdquo , to view the list of indicators.

Tap on the indicator you want.

Adjust the indicator properties as required, then please tap &ldquo Done&rdquo .

MACD analysis uses three moving averages, often exponential. Two of them are based on the number of price periods used and the third an average of the difference between the two moving averages. The difference between the readings of the two moving averages is usually shown as a histogram, while the average of that difference is shown as a moving average line plotted on top of the histogram. An important part of MACD analysis is how its movements compare with price movements to determine strength or weakness in the market.

The use of profits on existing positions as margin to increase the size of the position, normally in successively smaller increments.

A term for indicators used to determine overbought and oversold conditions, often useful when a clear trend caní t easily be determined. Oscillators include stochastics, moving average convergence/divergence, relative strength index and momentum.


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