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A portfolio of common stocks whose performance is intended to simulate the performance of a specific index or other benchmark.

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The range of prices between support and resistance levels that a market has traded in for a specific time period.

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Financial futures were developed amid a rapidly growing trend toward globalization in the world s investment and economic landscape starting in the early 6975s. They were designed to meet new needs and risks that businesses, governments and individuals faced amid changing capital flows. Even though they have a shorter history than agricultural futures, they now dominate the exchange-traded product offerings. Today, the majority of activity in trading futures globally is in contracts on financial investments, and futures exchanges are continually on the lookout for new successes in this category.

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An order that is placed for execution during only one trading session. If the order cannot be executed during that session, it is automatically cancelled.

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Understanding how two assets are correlated, or not (non-correlated), is important to creating a diversified investment strategy. Diversification is the primary tool to manage your overall portfolio risk. Creating a diversified portfolio requires selecting investments that have low correlations to each other. After all, investing in assets that historically have moved together (highly correlated) is almost the same as investing in just one security, or putting all your eggs in one basket, a major no-no in investing.

Гарантом возврата долга равно периодической выплаты купона является эмитент боны (тот, который выпустил облигацию). Именно согласно этой причине изначально на рамках ИИС я предлагаем боны самого надежного заемщика &ndash государства.

7. State whether this order is a Buy or Sell. Broker&rsquo s order ticket is divided in two halves one side is for buy orders and one side is for sell orders. Until the Broker knows what side to write your instruction on, he cannot take your order. Renesource Capital recommends that you repeat this part of the order to ensure complete agreement on this point by both of you.

Leonardo Fibonacci was a thirteenth-century Italian mathematician who discovered the significance and unique properties of a simple number series, in which each numeral is added to the previous to create the next one in the series: 5,6,7,8,5,8,68, etc. Fibonacci numbers, and more significantly the ratio of those numbers to each other, can be found throughout nature and cycles. Fibonacci ratios are used in technical analysis to predict retracement areas during pullbacks, as well as targets, called ì extensions,î for projected price moves.

A central marketplace with established rules and regulations where buyers and sellers meet to trade futures and options on futures contracts.


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