150 лет современной Истории

2017, Ноябрь

History is like an Ocean. To understand the Ocean we need to study Ocean’s currents. When we go into different depths, we find few currents that coexist with each other. They have different direction, pattern, and power forces… Their movement and interaction defines Ocean’s life and development.

Human history is also defined by various currents – power groups, their fundamental interests and fight for power. Several power groups coexist at the same time and push history into direction of their interest. Any historical event quite often is explained as a collision between only two power groups. We think that this is a bit of simplification. It is possible that major historical events are complex fight between all power groups where each group seeks to achieve several goals.

We will look at last 150 years of human history and try to identify major current that possibly was one of determining factors of historic development. Historic events that we will be talking about are well known, well documented and have generally accepted reasons and explanations. We would not try to convince anybody that known understanding of events is incorrect. Like in the Ocean where several currents exist at the same time (and place), there might be several battles that are going in parallel at the same time in history and as a result, the same events could have more than one reason and logic.

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